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The social venture, small business and non-profit communities need access to affordable human resources (HR) expertise as their issues arise. Presently, very few of these organizations in BC have this kind of access and support. Crowflight Consulting has a tested business model that can provide just-in-time HR training and advice. This would include providing training, support or advice on the full range of recruiting and hiring of new employees, orientation and training of current employees, employee pay and benefits, managing employee performance and development and retention.

Why Choose Us?

Who You Are

You are the Owner/Founder of a social venture, small business or non-profit that currently does not have a Human Resource Manager. You may also be the Operations Manager or Administrator who has been handling the work related to hiring and managing staff and has no or little formal human resources background or training.

How We Can Help

We can provide HR training to build the capacity of those tasked with managing your staff. We can provide advice to help you manage your human resources issues so that you don’t get bogged down in important employee/people issues. We provide access to professional HR consultants that can promptly respond to your concerns. We can evaluate your present processes so you can attract and retain the people you need to successfully grow your organization. We provide prompt advice to you and your management team so that difficult and potentially legally sensitive people issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

Working With Us

Our services are available either through a contracted hourly rate or by subscription. We offer all kinds of ways for you to reach us! Most times the best way to get advice is to talk things through - and we offer a 1-800 service just for that reason. Other times, you want us to have a look at your HR documents while we consider your situation and that's what our email support is for.

Your Challenges May Include

Effective recruiting / hiring; Managing human resources issues and employee concerns; Creating policies & procedures and employee handbooks; Legal and compliance issues; Employee retention and reward programs; Interpreting employment standards and legislation; Succession planning; Resolving internal conflict issues; or, Managing a difficult termination.

Areas Covered By HR Support

HR Administration – Your Human Resources management policies should be formalized, documented and approved. Recruitment & Selection – You need an approved job description for all positions; Recruitment should be an objective, consistent process. Managing People and Their Work – Managers and supervisors with the responsibility for managing the efforts of others need to have an effective knowledge of the HR regime. The organization should have established methods to address employee performance issues or concerns. For non-profits you need established processes for volunteer management.

We Have A Deep Referral Base

If what you're facing needs more specialized attention, our database of expert financial, legal and organizational development professionals is right at your fingertips.

New approach
Just In Time HR consulting

Crowflight Consulting offers small businesses and non-profits access to real-time support from trained HR professionals. Our business model is based on work that was done in 2014 with the Vancouver Foundation to develop and pilot a service that would provide just in time human resources advice to non-profits in BC. Both a pilot and a second demonstration project showed the value of offering such a service to small organizations that did not have internal HR expertise.

Human resource management (HR) is about building a healthy and productive working environment in your organization in which everyone benefits. Social ventures, small business and non-profits rely on the personal relationships that develop between the managers and the people they employ to build the organization. With that relationship comes responsibility for everything from personal health and safety, wages, conditions and career aspirations.

Most of the small to medium sized organizations do not have in-house access to Human Resources expertise when they need it. Leaders are working hard to build organizations that can recruit, retain and grow the talented and committed people upon whom their valuable work depends. We know these leaders have a need for enhanced access to timely, high-quality Human Resources (HR) advice, guidance and resources.

Things our clients ask us about

Administrative HR

Policies & Procedures Development (36%)
Employment Standards (22%)
Job Descriptions/ Competency Models (12%)
Payroll & Benefits (12%)
Privacy, Human Rights & Related Legislation (12%)
Health & Safety - Compliance (6%)

Building Strong Resilient Organizations

Succession Planning (22%)
Leadership & Management Development (19%)
Coaching (16%)
Employee Handbooks (16%)
HR Forecasting (12%)
Change Management (9%)
Conflict Resolution (6%)

Workforce Management

(30%) Engagement/ Retention
(30%) Interview Design
(20%) Probationary reviews
(10%) Reference Checking
(8%) Interview Skills
(2%) Disciplinary Action

Talent Management Development

(44%) Dealing With Poor Performance
(33%) Building Competency
(11%) Career Planning
(11%) Supporting High Performers

We're There for You and Your Most Valuable Resource - Your People

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