Resources and Referrals

We Connect Callers to Quality-Checked Web-Based Resources

A lot can be accomplished with the right information, available on the internet. 

We point you to the websites and articles that we've had success with, saving time and providing the confidence that the information you gather is sound.

Here are some subject areas where online information can really help...

  • Sample “Code of Conduct” policies for employees or for your Board
  • Governance guides on the legal responsibilities of boards
  • A job description template and job profiles of common staff positions in non-profit organizations
  • Checklists for new employee orientation sessions
  • Guides for applying risk management principles to HR

We Make Referrals to Subject Matter Experts

Tap into our network of qualified professionals when your needs are either more complex than we can assist with or outside our field.  Where we can, we'll find you a low or no-cost subject matter expert in the following areas and put you in touch to build your own network and business relationships...

  • Legal Advice and Counsel
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Information Technology

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