What We Learned from the Just in Time HR for Non-Profits Pilot

UntitledCrowflight Consulting ran two pilots projects of the Just in Time HR Service for Non-profits in 2014. One ran for one month and the second ran for two months. Non-profits from across BC, both in urban and rural settings were involved. The evaluation and feedback from these pilots was very positive and has helped to shape the program as we have it today.

  • Ease of Access - All non-profits that accessed the service found it easy to connect via the 1-800 number or the email address to contact the HR Generalist.
  • Service Quality - Ninety-five percent of the non-profits found the service times and service quality met or exceeded their expectations. Quotes from the evaluation:
    1. “(The HR Generalist) provided me with resources that I would not otherwise have found myself. I especially appreciated the efficiency!”
    2. “When accessing a service like this it is usually for matters that I don't have the time to research, but need the answer asap. Was very pleased.”
    3. “I didn't expect that the service would feel so personal and that the consultants would be so friendly and helpful - they really went above and beyond my expectations to thoroughly answer my questions and do it in a manner that didn't make me feel inadequate.”
    4.  “The follow (up) was fantastic as it often lead to discussion I had not anticipated but needed further information on.”

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