5 Reasons Why Non-Profits Need Human Resources (HR) Advice and Support

The leaders of non-profits are often passionate and highly skilled but they are generally stretched too thin with heavy workloads and have little time for dealing with staff problems when they arise.

They are often inexperienced in key areas of human resource management and do not have the time to keep up with legislative and legal changes that could affect the workplace. Problems that are not dealt with quickly can become more difficult and start to negatively affect other employees in the workplace.

Here are 5 ways where having access to HR, Just in Time, will help your non-profit to thrive.

1.  You Want to Ensure Your Worker's Performance is Well Managed

You need to ensure that all employees are working towards the organization’s common goals in an effective manner through the fulfilling of their own personal objectives. This keeps your employees engaged and loyal.

Performance management also includes managing poor performance through a structured process where the worker is either supported to improve or is performance managed out of the organization.  Just in Time HR can work with you and your management team to ensure that these processes are correctly implemented in a fair and legal way.

2.  You Want Commitment Not Just Compliance From Your Workers

Sometimes when you are under pressure and the job just needs to be done, it can be hard to remember that how you pass on this message can affect how people feel about the job.  A good manager will want to get the best out of their staff by presenting their expectations in a fair and respectful manner to keep employees producing their best work.

HR can provide much needed support when you are struggling with a particular employee problem.  With support from Just in Time HR, you can address the issue in a fair and balanced way and ensure that others in the workplace stay engaged and productive. This will improve employee morale and reduce turnover.

3.  An HR Professional Can Provide Guidance with Employment Legislation

Ensuring your organization is up to date with employment legislation is critical.  The Just in Time HR professionals stay up to date so that they can provide credible, practical advice to those they support.  We can ensure that your internal HR policies and employee handbooks are kept up to date and meet your legislated requirements.

By ensuring all staff understand the expectations of them and following your pre-determined processes when there are problems, you will avoid wasting time and money trying to fix problems after they have blown up.

4.  Ensuring Effective Recruitment

An organization is nothing without good quality staff and the Just in Time HR Service can provide support for you to build effective recruitment processes.  We can work with managers to update or develop job descriptions and ensure your interview processes and questions are legal and actually measure the applicants “fit” to the job.

5.  Cost and Time Savings

Just in Time HR can contribute to cost and time savings. By following good HR advice and proactively having an up-to-date set of policies and procedures, you can avoid expensive last minute consultant charges or endless hours focussing on yet another “fire” when trying to fix things after workplace problems blow up.

All of this type of HR support is available through our Just in Time HR Service for Non-Profits.

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