Plans and Pricing

The BC social venture, non-profit and small business sector is characterized by many small organizations whose leaders are passionate and highly skilled, often stretched too thin, and inexperienced in certain areas of human resource management and organizational development.

Our business model gives you direct access to professionals with a wealth of skills and experience to provide timely and high-quality HR advice and training, guidance and support services. The future growth, success and high quality of service in non-profits will be affected if:
  • their employees lack skills needed in their job,
  • are not recognized for performance,
  • are worried about the future of their career, or
  • are overworked.

We offer professional HR support, capacity building training solutions and executive
coaching or mentoring

1. Professional HR Support

We have two levels of direct support – contracted hourly consulting and an annual subscription. Call us or send us an email for a quote on pricing.

2. Capacity Building Training Solutions

We offer HR specific training to those supervisors and managers that are responsible for managing the human resources employed within your organization.

3. Executive Coaching or Mentoring

Following up training with coaching or mentoring provides real-life help to apply what you have learned.

Our approach is “high touch”

Partnering with the senior management to resolve HR issues - working with them in applying an effective solution to their problem. Enabling resolution of issues faster and with a higher certainty of success. Please call or email...
  • To discuss which of our services will best support your organization.
  • We can connect you to quality web-based resources and/or to other useful information services.
  • For organizations with a small number of employees we may be able to suggest partnerships with similar organizations to work with us as a shared service and reduce your costs.
Response times range from immediate service to responses within the next business day, depending on when the call or email comes in.

How it Works...

We will contact you to discuss the range of HR services and how we can assist you.

We partner with social venture organizations or businesses that have in-house HR expertise available at no or low cost.

Other benefits include:
  • Special webinars for any large scale changes in the HR environment are available to ensure as many groups as possible would be aware of the new legislation, policies, etc.The Just in Time Services web site Blog looks at relevant HR issues.
  • A growing list of HR Specialists and other professionals approved by us make up a referral list for our clients when their issue is complex and beyond the scope of our services.  We put you in touch and you negotiate services and payment with them. 


Free Phone:

9am-4pm PST M-Th;   9am-3pm PST Fri

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