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Greg Miller, MA (ABS), CEC

Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to supporting leaders to bring out the best in their employees. He has an extensive background in working with the public service and non-profit organizations.   Greg’s company, Crowflight Consulting Services, specializes in human resources training and consulting in the areas of employee development, coaching, conflict resolution and change management. Previously, Greg worked for over 20 years with Agriculture Canada as an internal human resources consultant.   Crowflight’s latest project is the Just in Time Human Resources (HR) Service for non-profits, social ventures and small business in BC. This project supports organizations to build an effective HR regime that ensures their employees are engaged and effective.  As a non-profit volunteer within Search and Rescue (SAR), Greg has been with the North Shore Rescue team for 40 years. He is a Search Manager and is a member of the provincial SAR Critical Incident Stress Management team. He has held a number of Executive positions during his tenure with NSR, including Team Leader.  Greg has his Master’s in Applied Behavioural Science (MA - ABS) and is an Organizational Development specialist. He has completed the graduate certificate in Executive Coaching (Certified Executive Coach) at Royal Roads University.  
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