Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Services are Offered?

On the recruiting side we can assist with developing and updating job descriptions and preparing effective interview questions.  Administratively we can help you ensure your HR policies and procedures are up to date and meet legal requirements. Here are some of the questions we ask...
  • Do you need support around a labour relations issue?
  • Do you need help with your Board/Management relations?
  • Are you compliant with the Labour Standards Act?
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What is the service?

Participating non-profit organizations will be able to contact the service by phone or email, to receive professional advice on the full range of HR issues and questions. Target response times will range from immediate service to responses within the next business day, depending on the when the call comes in and the urgency level of the inquiry/issue. All inquiries will be received by a team of experienced HR professionals who will:
  • Answer questions and offer advice on issues within their wide scope of expertise
  • Connect callers to quality web-based resources and/or to other useful information services
  • Refer matters that are beyond our scope to external consultants and specialists who can provide the right information and advice - sometimes for free, other times for a cost negotiated directly with them.
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How is the service structured?

Access via phone or email (Staffed Monday – Friday):
  • Each issue is assigned to an HR Generalist who will work with the client to assess and resolve the concern. HR Generalists log HR cases for callers and, depending on the issue, may be able to resolve matters on that first call.
  • Resources may be available through a web portal, and coaching assistance will be offered to assure resolution to the issue.
Referral to Specialist Consultants:
  • HR Generalists working in our service refer an issue to an outside professional because resolution when it requires a specialized non-HR skill set (e.g. legal advice) or it cannot be handled within a reasonable time frame. (e.g. Facilitating a strategic planning session.)
  • Costs for outside referrals would be negotiated by the client and the referred organizations.
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Who are we?

Crowflight Consulting has the proven experience and organization to set up and run the Just in Time HR service. We have access to highly qualified HR consultants with HR content expertise. Crowflight has delivered two pilot demonstration sessions of the Just in Time HR Service for non-profits in BC in 2014 and feedback from our clients was highly positive.
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