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  • 5 Reasons Why Non-Profits Need Human Resources (HR) Advice and Support
    The leaders of non-profits are often passionate and highly skilled but they are generally stretched too thin with heavy workloads and have little time for dealing with staff problems when they arise. They are often inexperienced in key areas of human resource management and do not have the time to keep up with legislative and legal changes that could affect Continue Reading
  • What We Learned from the Just in Time HR for Non-Profits Pilot
    Crowflight Consulting ran two pilots projects of the Just in Time HR Service for Non-profits in 2014. One ran for one month and the second ran for two months. Non-profits from across BC, both in urban and rural settings were involved...
  • Non-Profit Success Through Effective Management
    In doing my background research to develop a human resources service for non-profits I learned some amazing statistics...